Spring Preparation

Spring Preparation

Spring is slipping up on us and many of us may not be fully prepared.

While it has not been a particularly cold or snowy winter the last few weeks have been threatening on a daily basis. Every weather news cast seems to call for a chance of snow, freezing rain, cold days, cloudy, with very few days of warm sunny weather thrown in. This was a constant theme during February. I think this has made the weather seem a lot worse than it has really been.  

The biggest problem has been how wet the ground is. The ground is so saturated it is difficult to do any kind of landscape work or any planting. Yet it’s time to start to plant shrubs, trees, and cole crops. 

As soon as the soil dries enough to till many crops should be planted. Garden centers will be stocking seed potatoes, onion sets, cole crops, pea seed, spring seed and slips as well as some flowers such as pansies. 

A word here on planning whether planting a vegetable garden, a flower garden or a landscape project. Planning ahead can make jobs much easier, make the job go faster, save you a lot of money, and look better in the long run.Think of how much you want to spend. Be aware of where you are planting, sun, shade, wind exposure, drainage, etc. Consider the mature height and width when planting in a row or in front of a window or similar part of the house. They all make a difference. If planning a vegetable garden how much harvest do you want or need. How much time are you willing to spend on the project. Is the project more important than a game of golf? Gary’s Garden Center is here to help you answer all these questions!

These are just a few thoughts that come into my mind on a cold rainy afternoon. I will try to write the next article on a bright, warm sunny afternoon. That will be more conducive to thinking about gardening. Now I think I will grab a hot cup of coffee.