Colorful Containers

Colorful Containers

            It’s officially summer and July has brought warm sunny days with it. So far, we have had a cool and somewhat dry spring and early summer. The last few days and the weather forecast indicate that might be going to change. We have had plenty of rain recently and the temperature is beginning to show signs of summer normal.

White and Orange Sunpaiens in full bloom

            With that said we still want to have color on the patio and deck. What should we be planting and what will last into the fall. Let me suggest summer annuals that will take the heat and sun. I would further suggest doing nice mixed containers.

Pink and red Pentas in full bloom



            At Gary’s Garden Center we still have a large selection of beautiful annuals. SunPatiens, Pentas, Coleus, Vinca, Marigolds, and more. They can be planted as a full pot of one variety or mixed for a show. A small pot for a corner or bench, much larger pots where you have room.


Assorted Marigolds in bloom

The usual rules apply. Make sure you have a plant that likes sun in a good sunny area. Plants that prefer shade go in shaded areas. Do not try to mix the two. Water as needed and apply light fertilizer every three or four weeks. With just a little care nicely planted containers should last until frost.

            Cared for the containers should give you nearly five months of color. Gary’s has a large selection of summer annuals as well as some beautiful containers already planted. Grab them, take them home and set them where desired. That’s all it is to it.