Lawn Care Calendar

Lawn Care Calendar

Some of the most asked questions we receive concern the proper time to apply fertilizer, lime, seed, etc. to the yard.  With that in mind, I developed the following calendar.  It can be printed and saved for future use or come by the store and pick one up. 

March 1-April 15 

  • Pre-emergence Crabgrass Control
  • Fertilize with light application of 16-4-8 with slow release nitrogen

March 1-May 30 & September 1-October 31 

Plant fescue cool season grass

March 1-May 30 & September 1-December 31 

  • Fertilize Cool Season Grass- 3 applications:
    • 16-4-8 with slow release nitrogen
    • 28-4-8 with regular nitrogen
    • 46-0-0 Urea

 March 15-October 15

  • Broadleaf Weed Control

April 1-September 30 

  •  Watch for disease and treat

April 1-May 30 August 15-October 15  

  • Grub Control 

May 1-September 30  

  • Post-emergence Crabgrass Control

Lime – May be done anytime.  Including when seeding or fertilizing.

Lawn Aeration – Not recommended when ground is hard or frozen.

In conjunction with seeding, use seeding schedule above.