October Do’s & Don’ts

October Do’s & Don’ts

            One of the big fall considerations is what should be done to or with our lawns. The last few weeks we have had plentiful rainfall and pleasant temperatures. Most lawns look good, especially for the time of year. With all the rain grass has been growing most of the summer. Lawns have had to be mowed weekly. This brings me to my point. The excessive growing from plentiful rain and pleasant temperatures has weakened the grass.

            If nothing else our lawns need feeding this fall. The three-step lawn fertilization program would make for a beautiful lawn in the spring. Click here for the details on the program. Add lime this fall if you have not limed in the last two or three years.

            Plant Pansies and ornamental cabbage in fall and be rewarded with beautiful bloom and color until it gets hot next summer!

            Now is the perfect time to add shrubs and trees to your landscape. Shrubs and trees planted in the fall need little or no watering over the winter.  The roots grow during the winter while the top growth is dormant. Thus, the plants are well rooted in and ready to produce top growth come spring. Gary’s is still bringing in new shrubs and other fall inventory to give customers choice. 

            Gary’s, like other garden centers, does not like to inventory outside plants over the winter. The plants acquire winter burn and other damage and are not sellable in the Spring. The longer you wait in fall to shop the less choice you will have.

            Mulching can be very beneficial in the fall to prepare for winter. This is especially true for perennial flowers as mulch act as insulation for the cold winter months. The primary reason perennials occasionally don’t survive the winter is due to their roots freezing – mulch helps prevent this problem!

            When shopping for shrubs consider where you will install the plant. Make certain you buy the right plant for the location you want to improve. Think in terms of mature size and shape, not the size the plant is when you buy. Remember, shade or sun, wind exposure, drainage all play a part in how successful the outcome of your project will be. Just because a plant or tree is pretty does not mean its right for the spot you are planting.

            These are just a few tips to make your next landscape successful. As always Nelson or Gary III are available to offer advice if needed. If you have a question, ask.