Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Tree Care

You have picked out the perfect Christmas Tree. Now what do you do to ensure a safe, fresh and attractive tree throughout the holiday season? If you are not going to take it inside immediately, store it outside in a cool, shady place sheltered from drying winds. If possible, remove about a one-inch section from the butt of the tree just before placing it in a container of water. Sprinkling the foliage daily with water until the tree is put to use will also be helpful.

A tree in a warm room will absorb as much as one to four pints of water daily. This is lost through the foliage by evapotranspiration. Thus, the tree should be checked daily, and watered as needed.

There are a number of products on the market that are sold as fire proofing for cut trees. Some, when tested, have been found to slightly increase the fire resistance of trees, but their practical use by the consumer is doubtful. Some additives may actually hinder uptake of water and make trees dry out sooner. Therefore, adding such compounds as sugar, aspirin, or other chemicals to the water, or home-spraying of trees to “fireproof” them, is not recommended.

Christmas Tree Safety Check List

Be sure the tree is well supported, and is away from sources of heat such as radiators, air ducts, and TV sets. This will keep moisture loss to a minimum.

Open flames should never be used on, or around Christmas Trees.

Check electric lights and connections. Worn, frayed wires or electric cords must not be used.

Turn off lights on the tree whenever no one will be in the room for any length of time.

Do not use combustible decorations or flammable reflectors. Be certain to keep metal foil or tinsel out of bulb sockets.

Keep wrapping paper, and other flammable material from accumulating under the tree.