Our Favorite Tomato!

Our Favorite Tomato!

We often get asked what our favorite variety of tomato is! Here’s each of the Gary’s answers to that question!

Gary Sr.

Cherokee Purple Tomato plants
Cherokee Purple

Favorite: “Celebrity! A nice sized 8 oz. tomato that keeps well and has a good taste. Great for both canning and fresh eating!”

Gary Jr. (Nelson)

Favorite: “Cherokee Purple! A great heirloom tomato with the best flavor! The only drawback is, they don’t keep well – eat them the night you pick them!”

Gary III

Favorite: “Cherokee Purple! An heirloom tomato that has an earthy flavor. Cherokee Purple Tomatoes are great for fresh eating and make a refreshing addition to a salad full of homegrown goodness!”

Honorable mention:
Marglobe Tomato plants with a tag
  • Supersauce – A Roma tomato but weighing in at 2 – 3 lbs. each! Great for making salsa and tomato paste (or sauce)!
  • Marglobe – A high yielding vine that produces large uniform, smooth, and juicy tomatoes!
  • Lemon Boy – A low acid tomato that makes for a colorful addition to a dish when used alongside a red tomato!
  • Sugary – This grape/cherry tomato is a very sweet snacking type of tomato that produces a high yield with a noticeable lack of cracked fruit!