Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants

Just for fun, here’s a list of 15 popular plants with traditional medicinal properties, and their uses.

Aloe: Fights Baldness and Wrinkles

Anise: Cures Indigestion

Basil: Relieves Headaches

Bayleaf: Cures Deafness

Chamomile: Relieves Upset Stomach and insomnia

Fennel: Controls the Appetite

Garlic: Increases Physical Strength

Marigold: Improves Eyesight

Oregano: Aids Digestion and Stimulates the Appetite

Parsley: Sweetens the Breathe

Rosemary:  Improves Memory

Sage: Cures Fever and Epilepsy

Summer Savory: Relieves Bee and Wasp Stings

Sweet Marjoram: Relieves Chest Congestion

Thyme: Controls Cough; Acts as a deodorant