Annual Flowers

Annual Flowers

Please note: our inventory is constantly changing based on availability and seasonal factors. As a result, the items listed may not currently be available in store. We may have items in stock that are not listed here. Please contact us to find out if a particular plant is in stock.

Best Availability: March – June          Limited Availability: July – August

Annual flowers live for one growing season. Typically annuals are planted in the spring and grow through summer and into the fall until a frost or freeze. Annuals do NOT come back next year. The main advantage of annual flowers is that, if given a good growing environment and proper care, they continue to bloom the entire growing season!


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The following list of annual flowers are often available in a variety of colors and sizes including bedding flats, individual pots, mixed pots, and hanging baskets.
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      • Ageratum

        Purple Calibrachoa with green leaves
        Calibrachoa (Million Bells)
      • Angelonia

        Coleus Bronze Foliage with gold edge
        Coleus Bronze Foliage with Gold Edge
      • Argyranthemum Butterfly Daisy
      • Bacopa
      • Begonia
      • Dragon Wing Begonia
      • Whopper Begonia
      • Non-Stop Tuberous Begonia
      • Boston Fern
      • Bridal Veil
      • Calibrachoa (MillionBells)
      • Celosia
      • Citronella Geranium

        Orange Gerber Daisy
        Orange Gerber Daisy
      • Coleus
      • Creeping Jenny
      • Diamond Frost

        Light Pink Dianthus Blooms
      • Dianthus
      • Dusty Miller
      • Fushia
      • Geranium
      • Gerber Daisy
      • Ground Ivy
      • Heliotropes

        Pink Vinca Flower With white center
      • Impatients
      • Lantana
      • Marigolds
      • Mexican Heather
      • Lobella
      • Penta
      • Petunia
      • Phlox (Annual)
      • Purslane
      • Portulica
      • Salvia
      • Scaevola
      • Snap Dragons
      • Spike
      • Straw Flower
        Yellow Purslane Blooms

        Orange Non-Stop Tuberous Begonia in a pot on a table
        Non-Stop Tuberous Begonia
      • SunPatients
      • Swedish Ivy
      • Sweet Potato Vine
      • Torenia
      • Verbena
      • Vinca
      • Wave Petunia
      • Wondering Jew
      • Zinnia