Finding the Right Spot for Houseplants

Finding the Right Spot for Houseplants

            Just as some plants needed full sun and some need shade while outside the same will be true while inside.

            It is not always easy to determine bright light inside the house. The brightest spot in your house will not be nearly as bright as full sun outside. Maybe, the following tips will help.

            Bright light inside would mean exposure to a full sun western or southern facing window. That means a window with no coverings that lets in 6 to 8 hours of direct sun during the day. The plant should not be situated to close to the window to avoid cold drafts.

            Indirect light would be found from an east facing window. It could also be in the interior of a room with a window with a southern exposure. You might also place a sheer curtain between a window and the plant.

            Lots of rooms will qualify as low light during the winter. North facing windows or partially shaded windows would normally be low shaded. If you feel the need to turn on a light to read, then likely you have a low light situation.  You can maintain plants in low light situations with the addition of artificial light if needed.

            In addition to considering the light your plants need, you also need to consider temperature. If the plant is near a heat vent, then it may not require as much direct light. A plant that shows sign of wilting even though it’s been watered may be receiving too much heat (or too much water is also possible). It may need to be moved to a cooler location.

            A third consideration is the humidity in the plant area. Lack of moisture in the air will cause plants to wilt and undergo stress. This problem can be avoided by misting on a regular basis or by placing a humidifier in the room.

            Most plants need a full day of their light requirements. As the season changes so does the angle of the sun change. What was a bright sunny spot in early November may become a shady area in mid-December. This might mean changing where a plant is located from time to time.

            It is worth noting here that too much water can also cause a plant to wilt. Feel the soil, if it feels soggy wet then you’ve probably overwatered. Don’t allow your houseplant to sit in standing water. In general, houseplant don’t like staying very wet.

            Just as your pets need attention so do your plants. Pets need to be fed, watered and offered protection from cold or to much heat. The same things are true for your plants.

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