Cyclamen Care: Blooms for holidays!

Cyclamen Care: Blooms for holidays!

People often overlook Cyclamen and go straight for the holiday hallmark of Poinsettias. Cyclamen make for great gifts, beautiful centerpieces, and a great holiday flower when space is limited. With proper care Cyclamen often continue to bloom on into late February and early March! While many people treat Cyclamen as a temporary short-lived houseplant, they are reasonably easy to grow. In the right conditions, they will bloom again next year, often starting to bloom around Thanksgiving!

Cyclamen Care:Red and white cyclamen in bloom

The secret to keeping Cyclamen looking good is providing it with plenty of bright but indirect light in a cooler spot. The ideal temperature for Cyclamen is 60-65°. Only water when the soil looks and feels dry. Cyclamen are great at “telling” you when they are dry – listen to them! The blooms will droop and “fall” over then the plant is dry.

Cyclamen are very prone to root rot if kept too wet. It’s important to note that too wet and too will look almost identical so it’s important to feel the soil before watering. Water from the edge of the pot to reduce the risk of rotting the crown of the plant. Better yet, water from the bottom of the pot by setting it into a saucer or bowl of water for 10-15 minutes! 

As winter gives way to spring and summer, Cyclamen will stop blooming and enter into a semi-dormant stage. At this point cut back on your watering and allow the plant to dry out and move to a cool shady spot. As summer becomes fall, place your Cyclamen in bright indirect light and water lightly until new green growth appears!

A Rewarding Houseplant!

Whether you need a hostess gift, a beautiful centerpiece, or just want to treat yourself to a beautiful blooming houseplant, give Cyclamen a try! Enjoy a spectacular non-stop display of blooms for the next 3 to 4 months!