Sticker Shock, Maybe Not, What to Expect for Spring 2022!

Sticker Shock, Maybe Not, What to Expect for Spring 2022!

Yes, prices will be up on most plants though not as much as you might expect. In fact, some plants such as 6” Tomatoes and Vincas will not have any price increase for our customers!

The sticker shock comes on products such as fertilizer and grass seed… especially grass seed up 80-100%. A quick “let the buyer beware” note here: In an effort to keep prices down the big box stores have started selling “coated” grass seed. While there is nothing wrong with coated seed, you don’t get nearly the amount of seed in a bag as you do un-coated. Back to some good news: the majority of our potting soils and mulches will not see any price increase (Edit: See note below)!

Did you know that about 90% of the plants we stock are grown in Virginia or North Carolina? The majority of our growers are small independent businesses often family owned and operated just like us. The reality is with increased labor, material, and energy costs, prices will have to increase to allow our growers and us to continue providing high quality plants.

Thank you for a warm welcome back and all your support over the years! We look forward to seeing you this spring!

P.S. In the few days between writing this note and publishing it on the website we received a letter notifying us that potting soils and mulches will be taking a substantial increase. Fortunately, we have already brought in over a tractor trailer load before the price increase. That said, once we sell out of what we have and bring in more, the prices will have to increase… We also received notice from our largest perennial grower that an 8% surcharge will be added to all orders to offset rising fuel costs. As you can see and probably already know prices are fluctuating day to day. While we hope to hold our prices the same for the spring season, we may need to increase prices on select items mid-season. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work towards a “new normal.”

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