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Reflections on 2021 – Excitement for 2022

Reflections on 2021 – Excitement for 2022 Happy New Year! We hope you and your family have a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2022! Coming into 2021 we had no idea what to expect but as we look back we can honestly say it was amazing ride that far exceeded our expectations. For that we say thank you very much to…

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Mulch: Why – When – How

MULCH WHY-WHEN-HOW             Mulch is often referred to as the gardener’s friend. Nothing adds to the looks of a well-cared for landscape more than properly mulched and edged beds and borders. Mulch protects plants and bare soil, also helps to prevent erosion over the winter. In spring it helps suppress weeds, locks in moisture and…

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Time Saving Yard Tips

By: Gary Garner Sr. I recently was trying to think of some tips that might save you time, labor and maybe a little money on your lawn care. The “Lazy Man” is always trying to find a quick, easy and cheaper way to care for his lawn  Obviously, the easiest way is to hire someone to do the lawn. That…

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Fall Lawn Seeding

FALL LAWN SEEDING – By: Gary Garner Sr. I have always been a strong advocate of early lawn seeding in the fall. If the weather has begun to cool and we receive a reasonable amount of rain I like to start fall seeding soon after mid-August. This year would be an exception to that idea. As hot and dry as August…

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Caring for your Mums

Nothing says fall like Mums! Originally from China, they were brought to Europe in the 1600’s. Mums have been cultivated for over 2500 years and continue to increase in popularity.  There are now over 5000 varieties in cultivation.  Through hybridization, many flower forms are available such as daisy, pompon, cushion, buttons, decorative spiders, and spoon-petal.  They are also available in…

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Best Time To Mow

By Gary Garner Sr. I get many questions and see much written about the best time to mow your lawn. My answer is when you have time and when it’s convenient to do so. I know this sounds flippant, but in today’s busy world not everything can be done at the best time. If you work a nine to five…

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